X-Calibur Skatebaord has been awarded
US Patent 8,061,725

Adrenalina Skateboard
Marathon Sponsor

July 21, 2011
X-Caliburskateboard is Providing the money prize purse, the top male and female finisher will also receive an X-Calibur Motorized Skateboard. It’s a first of it’s kind and is sure to be a ton of fun.

NAPSR Supports Adrenalina

July 22, 2011

The National Association of Powered Skateboard Racing (NAPSR) is the official governing body of powered skateboard racing, led by James Hawkins. The NAPSR is recognizing and supporting the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon through their donation of their electric skateboards as the official pace vehicles of the New York City race. They are very excited about push culture and the future it holds. The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon race committee is excited to work with James Hawkins and is grateful of the donation of the electric skateboards.


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